I need a painter


I am looking for a painter that is willing to help me during one full day with the inside painting of my new house. Me and my husband were planning to do this job all by ourselves but we will be short on time, so we are looking for someone that could join us during one day to make it faster. The house has 2 floors, each floor around 60m2 area, and has already the primer done. We also have the paints with us and we can get some painting material as well (including a painting pistol). We will get the key on Nov 17th, so we would like to start as fast as possible after that date.

We are referring to this new house that is completely empty, no furniture:

http: //www.immoweb.be/en/Buy.Estate.cfm?IdBien=5363803&xgallery=estates&xpage=1

If it happens that you would be available please contact us.

Thanks in advance

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