Create Moroccan Wall Decoration

I am looking for a craftsman who is familiar with a specific technique of Moroccan wall/facade decoration (see images below).

The facade (no sgaffito or tadelakt) is mostly made in the Rabat and Riff area. It is made out of concrete. There are all different kinds of patterns and techniques, which will make for a variety of façades. The owner choses the pattern/design. I have been told that two people, the painter and the assistant, make the façade and it will take about 15 days to finish the piece with two people working on it.

Apparently, they use cement: the colour is not mixed into the cement. The "official" technique they are using is to put a small ball of cement on the wall, and to spread it on the wall in a light coat. Then with a sharp knife, they are drawing the pattern, and take the residual cement off to have the pattern. This creates a façade like the images above.

The facade is around 7x3 m.

Are you the one who masters this technique? Please contact me!

  • IMG_7600.JPG
  • IMG_7601.JPG
  • IMG_7609.JPG
  • IMG_7611.JPG

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